Our Seven Most-Read Stories of 2017

Zak BagansKrystal Ramirez

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum Puts the Bizarre on Display

Our story on the ghost hunter’s Haunted Museum ran in October of last year, but it wasn’t until this October that the attraction finally opened up. Since we were the only ones with an exclusive peek inside, Bagans’ rabid fans from across the globe flooded our website in anticipation, making it the most-read story of the year.

WWE’s Dean Ambrose and Renee Young: Power Couple

Speaking of passionate fans, WWE power couple Dean Ambrose and Renee Young’s admirers are on another level. We received numerous phone calls and emails from fans asking to buy copies of the March cover story, along with fan sites jacking photographer Krystal Ramirez’s photos. It’s totally understandable—we love Dean and Renee too!

Tony Tran

The Future of Bottle Service Has Arrived

Tao Group changed the game in April when it rolled out its V.I.We service. Similar to the cost-sharing model of Uber Pool, it allows users to purchase access to shared tables and spare the cost of buying bottles on their own.

How to Help in the Aftermath of Las Vegas’ Mass Shooting

Like many in the wake of 1 October, we were hurt and helpless. If there was anything that lifted us out of the devastation, it was the community’s compassion. As residents rushed to organize donation drives and benefits, we started compiling a list of various aid efforts. It quickly became into a key resource for those looking to help.

Paradise Palms Is Part Sinatra, Part Jetson and All Las Vegas

2017 saw the Las Vegas real estate market bounce back, with many experts ranking Sin City as one of the top markets to watch in 2018. But while there are many shiny new developments across the sprawling city, none of them have the luster and charm of Paradise Palms, a neighborhood of mid-century homes that’s celebrated as both a historical site and a primer on mid-mod style.

Cy and Jessie Waits

Jesse and Cy Waits Launch a New Social Experience

Palms Casino Resort is undergoing a major overhaul, one that just might return the off-Strip hotel-casino to its early aughts heyday. Helping to lead that charge are nightlife vets and twin brothers Jesse and Cy Waits. Our June cover story gave readers a glimpse of what’s to come.

Cheap Eats 2017

Las Vegas is a food paradise, but it can get a little pricey. Our annual list of the best culinary deals under $10 keeps readers’ stomachs and wallets full.