Echo and Rig Avocado Toast by Krystal Ramirez

Forget Buying a Home: Here’s Where to Eat All the Avocado Toast

It's bread topped with the nutty-flavored fruit—need we say more?

Millennials are foregoing buying homes and instead spending their hard-earned dough on … avocado toast? So says Aussie millionaire Tim Gerner, who suggested that the reason millennials in Australia are sticking to renting is because of their love for the creamy, smooth avocado spread on toast.

From the basic avocado sliced and beautifully presented on sourdough to having it smashed and loaded with extras, we’ve got the city’s top spots to indulge—and still let you save some money for that mortgage.

Downtown’s Vesta (1114 S. Casino Center, serves up a simple and delicious avocado toast that’s good for the masses. Order The Basic, the original vegan version: sliced avocado placed on sourdough, seasoned with a little crushed red pepper and Himalayan Sea Salt ($7), or add a poached egg for an additional $2.

If you’re in need of some ridiculously Instagrammable avocado toast, head to Echo + Rig (440 S. Rampart Blvd., in Tivoli Village. Using locally sourced produce whenever possible, the toast here is as pretty as it is delicious. Served on grilled sourdough, this bad boy comes covered with avocado and shishito peppers and is divine.

Opened earlier this year, the breakfast and lunch spot Dirty Fork (3655 S. Durango Dr., offers its take on avocado toast. The Vegas Style Avocado Toast features toasted multigrain bread topped with avocado, organic tossed greens and smoked salmon with a side of poached eggs you can add to the toast ($11.50). Hold the salmon and egg for the vegan version ($9.50).

Over at The Juice Standard (numerous locations in town,, they have two slick versions of avocado toast, a savory and a sweet and savory. The first is the more traditional (and spicy) Chipotle Avocado Toast, with microgreens and sliced radish. The other option is the Granola version, with vegan house-made granola drizzled with honey. If you’re vegan, the standard bread they use isn’t, so request their vegan bread option.

Finally, for you avocado adventurists, CRAFTkitchen (10940 S. Eastern Ave., serves up a smashed avo toast ($12.50). This fella comes smothered with the green spread and topped with sunflower-seed pesto, micro greens and a poached egg (nix if if you want the vegan version) atop grilled ciabatta. They also have gluten-free bread for those with gluten allergies.