The social media campaign for Camden Cocktail Lounge at Palms

APEX Social Club, Camden Cocktail Lounge Lead Palms Comeback

New concepts are unveiled as the iconic resort writes its next chapter.

Everyone has an epic Palms story. Like “first kiss” epic, even if that’s not the story. You get the point.

That’s why we’ve been so primed for Palms’ comeback, and have spent months waiting and watching obsessively as temporary walls went up and came down around the casino floor—signs of progress as the now 16-year-old resort undergoes a $620 million makeover.

“What’s happening behind those walls?” we’ve wondered.

We’ll know soon enough.

Word came from Palms on Monday that two of its new concepts—APEX Social Club and Camden Cocktail Lounge—would debut in mid-May, in the spaces formerly occupied by the 55th-floor Ghostbar and casino-level The Lounge, respectively.

Before we go any further, let’s take a deep breath and pour one out for Ghostbar. Pour one out for The Lounge too; we loved it.

But now we’re staring at the future, and very soon we’ll be staring at the Strip from APEX, billed as an “open-air boutique nightclub” with its coveted 180-degree view. The new APEX comes with all the trimmings: bottle service, DJs and “one-of-a-kind art pieces, which will serve as a focal point to the room,” according to the announcement.

Like its predecessor, Camden Cocktail Lounge will host a blend of live acts and DJs, but the heavy emphasis is on the cocktails, with the promise of “mind-blowing” drinks served “in a distinctive over-the-top manner and with flair unlike anything seen before.”

The mind reels.

Conceived by nightlife vets Andy Masi, Ryan Labbe and Jason Craig of Clique Hospitality (think Clique Lounge and Oxford Social Club), these new venues will lead the charge in Palms’ comeback as the resort seeks to return to legendary status, the kind we remember during the glory days of the early- and mid-aughts.

Luckily for Palms, the new operators seem to be coming from the same place we are. Labbe, for example, nails it in the announcement when he says, “If the walls could talk, you would hear some amazing stories.”

You’re so right. We can’t wait to get some new ones.