Photo by Al Powers

Cher Shuts Down the Strip for Her Bellagio “Believe” Show

The superstar's song now makes water dance too.

Las Vegas is so good at random celebrity sightings.

We’re not talking about the kind where you see some CW actor walking out of a grocery store wearing a baseball cap. Save those for the Us Weekly “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” pages.

Las Vegas instead delivers bona fide celebrity sightings like the one January 17, when Cher simply appeared in front of Bellagio to watch the fountains dance to her classic ’90s track “Believe.”

If you just so happened to be hanging around the Strip at the right moment, all of a sudden it was like you were in a Cher video. Picture it: Car pulls up in front of Bellagio, out steps Cher, she struts on a red carpet in front of block letters bearing her name and she flashes this pink glitter eye sparkle that makes you jealous.

Icon. That’s all there is to say.

After being handed a microphone, Cher thanked fans and MGM Resorts: “I’m so happy to be part of this family. Every experience I’ve ever had here made me feel so wonderful.”

At 71, Cher is killing it at Monte Carlo’s Park Theater. Her show, Classic Cher, has dates scheduled through May 2018 and you just know that MGM wants to keep her around. Right now she’s anchoring a Park lineup that includes Bruno Mars and Ricky Martin, with Lady Gaga set to join the party in December.

That’s good company.

“Believe,” by the way, turns 20 this year. That doesn’t make us feel old as much as it makes us want to rewatch that Season 4 Buffy episode “Living Conditions.”