Where to Get Into the Breakfast Bowl Groove

Find out what the buzz is all about.

Maybe you’ve seen them on Instagram: magical, fruit-filled pastel colors of breakfast beauty compiled with OCD precision in bowls. Lines of berries. Swirls of pinks and purples. Sprinkles of chia seeds. A healthy smattering of nuts.

These breakfast bowl creations are getting a lot of buzz, thanks not only to their dose of healthy ingredients served up by the spoonful, but also to their photo-worthy beauty.

While you’re most likely going to find breakfast bowl gems in private kitchens across town, there are some spots in the Valley stepping up their game.

At Smooth Eats (124 S. 6th Street) Downtown, you can enjoy my personal favorite, the aptly named Fairytale Smoothie Bowl. Doesn’t it just conjure images of unicorn greatness? The healthy-eats shop owned by the brothers Thomas (Jeff and Joe), who also operate Donut Bar around the corner, have created this whimsical bowl made with Blue Majik spirulina, kiwi, white grapes, banana and coconut milk and then topped with granola, chia seeds, blueberries and dragon fruit. Pretty? You bet.

With five spots in town, Bowlology has a pretty large selection of fruit-filled breakfast bowls. If you’re looking for the most photogenic, it’s the PB Lover. This bowl features a choice of açai or pitaya, blended with strawberry, banana, bee pollen, peanut butter and chocolate almond milk. It’s topped with strawberries, bananas, almonds, dark chocolate chips, granola and honey. If you want it vegan, simply hold the bee pollen and honey and the creation is still worth a pic.

Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe has two locations—Blue Diamond and Centennial Hills—and serves up more than 15 bowls for the all-important first meal of the day (or, you know, whenever you want to dose yourself with necessary vitamins). Try something a little different here—the Pumpkin Bowl, made with blended açai and almond milk, organic raw pumpkin, banana, cinnamon and strawberries. On top is organic hemp and flaxseed granola, organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, strawberries, banana, honey (hold the honey for vegan) and nutmeg.

If you’re going for internal beauty and health benefits, then Fruits & Roots’ (with three locations) Glow Bowl is your jam. It’s composed of an epic organic superfruit blend made with pineapple, mango, banana, spirulina, a massive supergreens powder with chlorella, nettle leaf powder, probiotics, kelp and so much more, plus coconut water. It’s topped with organic bananas, strawberries, homemade vanilla almond granola, coconut sprinkles and sprouted pumpkin seeds.

Thanks to owner Brendan Hancock, the bright and airy House of Alchemy (4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr.) has been perfecting its açai bowl for months, and the result is a base of açai topped with strawberries, bananas, coconut flakes and chia seeds. It’s the only açai bowl on the menu, but it’s worth ordering, along with other goodies (try the Under the Sea nut milk). 

Diana Edelman aims to make living a vegan lifestyle in Las Vegas accessible to everyone. Check out the latest vegan news (and find out where to eat) on her website, VegansBaby.com.