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Choreographed Pyrotechnics Meet Magic at New Strip Show

"Inferno: The Fire Spectacular" arrives at Paris Las Vegas.

Draw a Venn diagram on a nearby notepad. Now label one circle “Magic show” and the other “Monster Truck Rally.” The similarities where the two categories overlap represent Inferno: The Fire Spectacular featuring Joe Labero and the Fuel Girls. While Strip shows audiences have become accustomed to the extravagant air that permeates the Las Vegan lifestyle, Inferno at Paris Las Vegas embodies characteristics of a different side of the city: It’s loud. It’s risqué. It’s silly. But, most of all, it’s fun. Here are three takeaways from the show’s opening night on February 8.

Post-Apocalyptic Chic

Inferno’s outfit selection is one part Mad Max another part Conan the Barbarian. Hooded figures in ceremonial garb with spike-adorned shoulder pads paced the aisles of the theater to unsettling Gregorian chanting. This is an all ages show, though, so things never got weird.

Photos by Erik Kabik Photography/

Light My Fire

Eating fire. Playing with fire. The Fuel Girls showed the ways to perform with a flame are limitless. Set to deafening rock music circa the mid-aughts, one scene included the leader of the troupe setting the top half of a Hula-Hoop ablaze followed by being raised above the stage. While the rest of the Fuel Girls danced in unison below, the fire gymnast swung through her burning hoop as if she were a member of Cirque du Soleil.

Joe Labero’s Fervor

Like a Scandinavian Lance Burton, Labero checked all the boxes of a Las Vegas magician. His passion for magic resonated with the audience, and evoked a childlike sense of wonder. After performing a magic trick, he ran to the front of the stage, took a bow and with a masked Swedish accent roared, “It’s show business here in Inferno!” Labero’s on-stage presence and excitement paired with his leather jacket and perfectly coiffed hair, it was show biz after all.

Paris Theater inside Paris Las Vegas, 9:30 p.m., Wednesday–Sunday, tickets start at $53,