Photo by Julian Murray

Holly Rae Vaughn: Creative Creature

The artist, designer and ordained minister's pursuits know no bounds.

Welcome to Intriguing People 2018, our annual celebration of Las Vegas’ cultural trailblazers and social trendsetters. See more from this year’s series here.

Chances are, you’ve seen her work around town. From colorful murals to the crafty enamel pin on your buddy’s lapel, Holly Rae Vaughn is a woman who wears many hats. As an artist, she creates acrylic paintings and props that have popped up in local businesses, as well as colorful plexiglass pieces in the medians of streets. Recently, she built a giant kaleidoscope that was on display inside the Clark County Government Center, the colors of plexiglas interacting with one another as they spin. In 2015, she and her now-husband, Gabriel Allred, started an enamel pin business Battle Born Pins. Together they’ve helped local businesses, such as Vesta Coffee, The Plaza Hotel and Casino and Ellis Island, design accessories specific to their needs. They’ve also collaborated with local artists such as Zet Gold and Spencer Olsen. “I love helping artists turn their drawings into 3D objects that you can wear,” Vaughn says. On top of that, she also works with Victoria Hogan at pop-up wedding business Flora Pop. Vaughn became an ordained minister performing weddings on the spot at various locations, from Taco Bell Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip to the Mojave Desert.

Vaughn takes over our Instagram story to give us a glimpse into her creative mind. Tune in @vegasseven.