Jen Taler: The Curator of Fergusons Downtown

The Zappos veteran is remaking Fremont Street, one motel at a time.

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Jen Taler arrived in Las Vegas by way of Texas Tech University, where she majored in fashion design. So how did she end up taking over the remodel of Fremont Street’s decaying Fergusons Motel?

Chalk it up to Taler’s passion for community and a friendship forged with Tony Hsieh during her early years in Las Vegas as a buyer at Zappos. Trusted to bring together a vision of Fergusons as a “Downtown market square rooted in community, celebrating music, art, nature and local creators,” Taler is curating an oasis in the city—a collection of burgeoning small businesses, artists and residents all placed within the confines of the old motel.

She has even fashioned her own crash pad in an airstream on the Fergusons Downtown lot, where she lives with her two cats and oversees ongoing work at the site.

Taler takes over the Vegas Seven Instagram story during a monthly “Market in the Alley” at Fergusons Downtown. Get a glimpse into her daily life @vegasseven.