Photos by Krystal Ramirez

Harry M. Howie: The New Emcee

Onstage in Opium, Spiegelworld's show at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas' newest star has out-of-this-world plans

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Harry M. Howie is still getting used to the spotlight.

The bespectacled Aussie has spent the better part of his days studying star maps and deciphering numeric patterns. But he’s still getting the hang of hosting a show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Howie, a “veteran theatrical promoter, numerologist, UFO enthusiast and freelance newspaper columnist,” landed here (we assume by airplane) in late 2017, guided by the letters O-P-M.

He took it as a sign to create “Las Vegas’ most Las Veg-iest show” in Opium, the Spiegelworld production debuting in March at the Opium Theatre inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

It would be “a new show for the space ages,” Howie declared upon his arrival, professing his intention for Opium to become the first show on Mars … by way of Las Vegas.

Since discovering the Opium cast as they turned in a performance-art showcase on the casino floor, Howie has been locked away perfecting his opus, with occasional input from fellow Spiegelworld star The Gazillionaire (Absinthe).

One of these days, we’ll get the two of them on stage together. But for now, the spotlight belongs to Howie. Let’s see what he does with it.