Eureka Fresno Fig Burger | Photo by CIerra Pedro

Two New Dining Downtown Discoveries and Chinese New Year Bites

Flock & Fowl celebrates its second location on the ground floor of the Ogden in DTLV, where you can immerse yourself in Chef Sheridan Su and Jenny Wong’s obsession for fresh Asian American comfort food. If it’s your first time, try the classic Hainan chicken rice. Su grew up in Southern California eating this dish, but it wasn’t until three years ago, during a trip to Taipei, when he really fell in love with it. He says he couldn’t stop thinking of its simplicity.

Flock & Fowl | Photo by Krystal Ramirez

To make this dish, Su uses free-range chicken, poaches it gently in chicken broth and cooks it thoroughly while still maintaining its tenderness. The chicken is served with fragrant jasmine rice that has been sautéed with shallots, garlic, pandan and chicken fat before steaming it with the poaching broth. The dish comes with three sauces—chili, ginger and soy—all aged with aromatics. Inquire about an additional soy sauce Su makes in the Singaporean and Malaysian style. For what is clearly a simple dish, the chicken rice requires exacting technique, love and patience to make, but don’t feel bad about about devouring it in a short time.

Also at the Downtown location, mixologist Adam Rains is at the helm of the cocktail program with a variety of inventive sips that are both delicious and Instagrammable. Grab a counter seat and stay a while. Rains welcomes you. 150 N. Las Vegas Blvd.,

Eureka! | Photos by Cierra Pedro

Lollipop Corn Dogs | Photo by Cierra Pedro

Not far from Flock & Fowl, explore the streets of DTLV and just around the corner—Eureka!—you’ve discovered the area’s newest restaurant by the same name. The thrill of uncovering something that delights your palette is what this chain concept is about, and like prospectors looking for gold, a few notable discoveries are worth mentioning. Namely, the Bone Marrow Burger, which is made with bone marrow shiitake butter, charbroiled onion, horseradish mustard aioli and roasted Roma tomato. For something sweet and savory, the Fresno Fig Burger, with a smattering of fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula and spicy porter mustard, is good to the last bite. Starters offer something for diverse palettes. Our obsession with cruciferous veggies is satiated with Crispy Glazed Brussels Sprouts in orange chili glaze. Then there are Cauliflower Bites with a sprinkle of briny bonito flakes and garlic aioli. And, yeah, corn dogs have a place here as well, with the Lollipop Corn Dog, an aesthetically fancy display of my personal festival favorite. 520 E. Fremont St.,

China Poblano | Photo by Anthony Mair

And whether or not you’re born in the Year of the Dog, you’ll likely lick your chops for China Poblano’s Chinese New Year menu, now through March 2. An array of signature dishes is featured in the six-course dinner menu, including Jiaozi, an egg, garlic chive, mung bean noodle, and Lucky Lamb, grilled lamb skewers, silver needle oat noodle, lamb broth and yogurt. End with coconut tapioca, white sesame ice cream, matcha meringue and lychee boba, a.k.a. The Dragon’s Pearl. Pair the meal with the Hair of the Dog: sesame oil Red Baijou, Amaro Montenegro, pineapple juice, simple syrup, lime juice and Bittermens tiki bitters, garnished with grated nutmeg and pineapple leaves. Inside The Cosmopolitan,

Hakkasan’s Dim Sum

Hakkasan restaurant also celebrates Chinese New Year through February 28 with a bright libation to set the mood. Happy Daisy’s orange-flavored spice fizz pairs well with starters, including the Szechuan wind-dried oyster with lotus root and tender braised beef tongue and caramelized walnut with asparagus and mint. Move on to the wok-fried native lobster in superior stock with edamame and caviar.

Also on the menu is baked Chilean sea bass with kumquat glaze, which has a sweet fall spice infusion; abalone fried rice in a bean curd wrap; and Rhug Estate organic lamb in seaweed soy over a bed of sautéed celery and enoki mushroom. Try pairing the lamb with a bottle of Loire Valley cabernet franc/cabernet sauvignon blend. Be sure to finish with the Golden Fortune dessert with ginger caramel, roasted macadamia and lemongrass ice cream, topped with a chocolate coin punched out with a square hole in the center representing Earth’s four corners. Remember to write your wish on a red ribbon. Inside MGM Grand,

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