Delices Gourmand | Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Bonjour to French Baked Goodies, Second Kitchen Table Serves Dinner and Opt for Udon Next Time

There aren’t too many French bakeries in Las Vegas, but the ones we do have are solid, such as Delices Gourmand, which is centrally located at Sahara and Valley View. This is a no-nonsense bakery, meaning they’re not going out of their way to provide a picture-perfect patisserie or boulangerie with beautifully decorated chalkboard signs and café tables adorned with vases of fresh flowers. The beauty is in their pride and joy in the baked goods that reside behind glass cases. And just beyond the enclosures is an open kitchen for all to see what happens in a large working bakery.

Photos by Jesse J Sutherland 

This month, the bakery celebrates two years of making delicious pastries and breads, and if you haven’t yet discovered it, it’s never too late. I enjoy the assortment of quiche, from bacon to ratatouille. Be sure to pick up a soft or crusty baguette, some sweet breads, such as viennoise and brioche, and don’t forget the treats—palmiers, sables with jam, macarons, linzers and meringues. 3620 W. Sahara Ave.,

Green Chile Burger | Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Kitchen Table Squared has been successful with brunch items at its first location in Henderson (1716 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy., Suite 100), and with the opening of the second spot in The Gramercy, Chef Javier Chavez is offering up dinner as well. While you’re able to order brunch items at dinner, such as the crab bisque and their famous beet salad with fried goat cheese ball, dinner has a few specialty items worth trying. Start at happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. with half-off wines by the glass and social eats, such as the short rib taquitos and French onion soup. For main dishes, check out the crab risotto—a medley of blue crab, Dungeness crab and snow crab—and the green chile cheeseburger with seasonal hatch chiles, butter lettuce to cool the heat in the mouth, and standard fixins in a brioche bun. Off the steak-and-chops menu, the pork cutlets is a sizable dish for many to share, prepared with pan-seared tender cutlets, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted mushroom and brandied cream sauce with garlic and Parmesan mashed potatoes. Another classic is the 18-ounce horseradish-crusted bone-in rib eye. After years of wanting to open up a dinner house, Chef Javier can now say, “Dinner is served.” 9205 Russell Rd., Suite 185,

Photos by Jesse J Sutherland

Finally, we move on to Japanese noodles. And while ramen might be everyone’s favorite noodle soup these days, it’s time to meet udon. Unpretentious in its white, thick appearance, udon’s soft and chewy texture is both satisfying and addictive. Marugame Monzo specializes in sanuki-style udon noodles, made famous in the city of Marugame, Japan. These noodles are interesting to watch being made right in the restaurant, seeing the precision and care that go into making them. Great hot or cold, the neutral flavor makes them an unmatched foundation for everything from miso soup to an uber-rich sea of mentai squid butter. Beginners try kake udon, one of the simplest and most common ways to eat udon. Then graduate to the savory and filling beef udon, or to more inventive dishes, such as the creamy and complex miso carbonara udon. The plum shiso udon features plum paste from a tangy umeboshi plum. Or, if you like rice, try the ikura rice bowl for the textural joy of bursting roe, or better yet the mentai (pollack roe) bowl. The slightly spicy little cod ova pack flavor against clean, pure white rice. 3889 Spring Mountain Rd.

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