Photo by Mike Kirschbaum

We Survived Omnia’s Third Anniversary and All We Got Was This Awesome Hangover

After what felt like a week of nonstop partying, the verdict is in: It was so worth it.

Can we say that we’re officially done with daylight saving time? How do you justify taking away an hour of our lives while we’re on the Omnia Nightclub dance floor, completely oblivious, trying to get up close to the stage so we can get blasted by the CO2 cannon?

Then all of a sudden the alarm goes off Monday morning and it’s still dark outside? What the hell?

Despite our haziness, at least we have the memories of what just went down at the Caesars Palace mega-club. Also, there are pictures to fill in the gaps.

Steve Aoki | Photo by Gina Chong

Hakkasan Group arranged the three-night third anniversary celebration like it was Memorial Day weekend, New Year’s Eve and Cinco de Mayo—in that order—with Steve Aoki going last Tuesday, and then Calvin Harris and Zedd back-to-back on Friday and Saturday nights.

We’re lucky to have survived the first night. Aoki, who had just come from his wax statue unveiling at Madame Tussauds, was behind the decks for a March Madness–themed night featuring foam fingers and inflated basketballs. Anticipating that we’d lose a bundle on our brackets, and not wanting to blow our wad in one night, we tried to play things conservatively.

Then, out of nowhere, freakin’ Desiigner shows up, and he starts performing “Timmy Turner” like it’s just any other night. Then NGHTMRE rolls in and everyone starts losing their minds.

It was at this point when we said “Screw it, we’re goin’ hard tonight” and, needless to say, Wednesday really sucked.

But we bounced back in time for Harris, who was making his first Omnia appearance since New Year’s Eve. This time we stayed off the dance floor and just did the whole head-bopping thing from the balcony.

Blame it on Tuesday night if you want to, but if you’ve got a comfy booth, why would you want to get all sweaty on the dance floor? There are people bringing Champagne around up there!

When it came time to cap the anniversary with Zedd on Saturday, we were already pretty fired up from the Golden Knights’ win over Buffalo (Cup in 1! Suck it, Sabres!), so hearing “Stay” live would just be icing on the cake.

Oh, that’s right: There was cake! It was a big one too, four tiers with a giant number 3 on top—the kind of cake you cut at a wedding and then try to shove in your beloved’s face (we have weird fantasies).

Zedd | Photo by Mike Kirschbaum

Hakkasan Group CEO Nick McCabe (there’s a dude having the time of his life) even posed with Zedd holding a three-year commemorative plaque, which reminds us that nobody cares that our high school diploma is up on the wall. We need to take that down.

While Zedd was doing his thing, we tried to get a piece of the cake but failed. However, we did get more Champagne and managed to stay on both feet through his entire set. By the time we made it to the ride-share line, we didn’t really care what time it was.

And the hangover, it’s still worth it.