Zak Bagans: Haunted Beginnings

The ghost hunter shares his experiences with the supernatural and talks about his newest documentary, "Demon House"

In his latest documentary Demon House, paranormal investigator Zak Bagans takes viewers through a supernatural journey of an alleged haunted home in Gary, Indiana. While many would recoil at the idea of setting foot in a home possessed by demons, Bagans relishes in the work of it.

A childhood replete with strange experiences, Bagans says none of which warranted a humanly explanation, is one of the many reasons he turned to ghost hunting. He since made a career of it—namely as the host of the series that launched him into fame, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and more recently opening up the long anticipated Haunted Museum in Downtown Las Vegas. The museum now showcases artifacts from the Gary, Indiana home.

“It’s a journey of paranormal, the supernatural, of wonders.” Bagans says. “It’s just an interesting and unusual place that takes you out of what’s going out on in 2018.”

To learn more about how Bagans came to the supernatural and his documentary Demon House, check out the video above.