Photo by Edison Graff / @stardustfallout

Turnover’s Peripheral Vision Swings at Topgolf

Topgolf, April 12

If there’s a band that’s ascended the Las Vegas venue ladder in the past five years, it’s Turnover. Like the name of their first album, Magnolia, the band’s 14-song set at Topgolf was a lesson in growth. Here was a band who played their first Vegas gig in a remote shack in North Las Vegas (the fabled DIY venue, East Side Joe’s) now performing a headlining show in front of a sizable crowd in one of the swankiest venues on the Las Vegas Strip.

In roughly an hour, the Virginia Beach quartet demonstrated that they’ve rightfully earned a place on that stage. The band performed with curated, colorful, ‘90s-inspired visuals displayed on massive LED screens—a far cry from the miscellaneous graffiti of rooms they’ve rocked in the past. Turnover dedicated its entire set to its jangly indie-pop anthems á la Real Estate on Good Nature and Peripheral Vision. Singer/guitarist Austin Getz’s airy vocals interlocked seamlessly over Nick Rayfield’s melodic, wet guitar leads during “Hello Euphoria” and “Sunshine Type.” Danny Dempsy swayed from left to right, his rolling, percussive bass rattling as fans sang along to the driving chorus of “New Scream.”

As the band wrapped up its set with the ethereal “Dizzy On the Comedown,” Getz reflected in a moment of humility. “Thanks to those who have supported us through the years,” he said. It was a genuine sentiment that was a stark contrast from the printed button-up shirt he wore that was adorned with dice and poker chips. ★★★★✩

Photos Edison Graff / @stardustfallout

Set List
Super Natural
Like Slow Disappearing
New Scream
Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)
Humblest Pleasures
Take My Head
What Got in the Way
Sunshine Type
Pure Devotion
Cutting My Fingers Off
Nightlight Girl
Hello Euphoria
Dizzy on the Comedown