Breaking Down Life is Beautiful 2018’s Biggest Players

The Weeknd, Florence + the Machine and Arcade Fire take top slots at this year’s festival.

Life is Beautiful returns for its sixth year September 21-23, and it’s a haymaker of a lineup. Headliners include R&B superstar The Weeknd, veteran art-rockers Arcade Fire and indie-pop darlings Florence + the Machine. The punches don’t stop there—the lineup is rounded out by a diverse bill that features everyone from electronic hitmakers such as Alison Wonderland and Galantis to up-and-coming indie bands like First Aid Kit and Sir Sly to acclaimed hip-hop acts Tyler, the Creator and N.E.R.D.

Dive into the full lineup at and get familiar with the seven top billed acts below.

The Weeknd

Latest release: My Dear Melancholy (April 2018)
Most known for: Drugs, lots and lots of drugs. And sex, lots and lots of sex.
Why we’re excited: Abel cried on stage at Coachella, and it joys us to see rich people in pain. Let’s hope he gets his heart broken again!
Did you know: Despite being “discovered” by Drake, the two Toronto superstars have had a rocky relationship ever since The Weeknd opted not to sign with the 6 God’s OVO label. Songs such as Drake’s “5AM in Toronto” and The Weeknd’s “Sidewalks” are said to contain subliminal shots at each other.
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: His tears. Cry, dammit, cry!

Arcade Fire

Latest release: Money + Love, short film (March 2018)
Most known for: Inventing the “millennial whoop
Why we’re excited: When most bands were canceling their Las Vegas shows following the 1 October tragedy last year, frontman Win Butler insisted on performing, shouting “Fuck being afraid,” when taking the stage later that month. Despite a low attendance, the band gave us the best performance we’d seen in all of 2017. We’re ready for it again.
Did you know: After a lengthy post-heart attack hiatus, David Bowie joined Arcade Fire for a performance of “Wake Up” during the Fashion Rocks charity event in 2005. A live recording of the track—featuring Bowie—was available for one week only, with proceeds going to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. (Bowie later joined them in the studio for 2013’s “Reflektor.”)
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: They’ve been performing covers on their European tour and bringing out location-specific guests, including Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch. Maybe we’ll get to see two versions of “Dog Days Are Over.”

Florence + the Machine

Latest release: “Sky Full of Song” (April 2018)
Most known for: That song, remember? That one song? Man, it was everywhere in, like, 2009. It went something like—God, how’d it go again?
Why we’re excited: That song. It’s called “Dog Days Are Over” and it goes: Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father / Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers.
Did you know: Florence Welch is a literal angel. In 2016, she visited a 15-year-old fan at a hospice in Austin, Texas, and sang duets of “Shake It Out” and “Dog Days Are Over” with her. I just watched the video, and now my laptop is drowning in tears.
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: Florence and her bandmates have performed onstage with everyone from Drake to Elton John, including Cold War Kids and Blood Orange—two acts also on this year’s Life is Beautiful bill …

HyperFocal: 0

Travis Scott

Latest release: Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, a collaborative album with Quavo (December 2017)
Most known for: Being Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy
Why we’re excited: His live shows are reportedly bonkers, so much so that authorities tried to slap him with a charge of inciting a riot at one of his concerts (he was later cleared of the charge). Hopefully, his fans will be a little less enthusiastic in September.
Did you know: Travis Scott isn’t his real name. It’s Jacques Webster.
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: Keep your eyes on the nightclub calendars. Whatever rapper is partying at Drai’s the weekend of the festival will most likely be partying with Jacques, err, Travis onstage.

DJ Snake

Latest release: “Made in China” (April 2018)
Most known for: Not turning down for anything.
Why we’re excited: While the French DJ is no stranger to Las Vegas nightclubs, he can’t fit his massive production into those compact settings. Expect a ridiculous light show, face-melting pyrotechnics and ear-busting bass. Don’t forget your earplugs.
Did you know: Despite never speaking on his records, Snake isn’t afraid to get emotional. While eating spicy chicken wings on web series “Hot Ones,” he proclaimed: “I’m crying. Behind these [sun]glasses there is a human being.”
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: If I don’t hear Lil Jon shout “WHAT?!?!” onstage, I’m gonna need my money back, fam.


Latest release: A Moment Apart (September 2017)
Most known for: Textures. Or as the Apple Music editors describe it, “celestial textures.” Or as Pitchfork puts it, “feathery textures.” Or as Dancing Astronaut explains, “vibrant textures.” Or as Singaporean magazine Juice tells it, “twinkling textures.” Or as Sound of Boston asserts, “glittering textures.”
Why we’re excited: During their Coachella set, they sent 420 drones to light up the night sky and form their geometric logo. Las Vegas is known for its neon lights, so they’d better come with something equally bright for us.
Did you know: They started as two solo acts, Clayton Knight as BeachesBeaches and Harrison Mills as Catacombkid. Some of their early tracks can still be found online, such as Mills’ chill-as-fuck mashup of Sigur Ros and The Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.”
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: They did an incredible collaboration with 2016 festival alum Leon Bridges, but he’ll be touring in the Midwest at the time of the festival. They did, however, recently tweet at “Location” singer Khalid about a collaboration. Hey, Khalid, you busy the weekend of Sept. 21–23?


Latest release: No One Ever Really Dies (December 2017)
Most known for: Songs that aren’t theirs. Group members Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, a.k.a. The Neptunes, produced your favorite club jams, from Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” to Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”
Why we’re excited: The group hasn’t performed in Las Vegas since 2008, when they opened for Kanye on his Glow in the Dark tour.
Did you know: Pharrell is a vampire. We don’t have any factual evidence to support that, but he’s 45 and looks 16. We can’t confirm that he drinks human blood, but there are some dark forces working for him.
Surprise guest(s) we’re hoping for: We won’t hold our breath for Ri Ri, but can we at least get the badass dancer from the “Lemon” video?