Photo by Michael Kirschbaum

Maren Morris Joins Zedd for ‘The Middle’ at Omnia

The pair performed their hit song live for the first time on Saturday, April 28.

We never like to go to bed angry or disappointed; it’s a recipe for bad dreams.

So, after Saturday’s Golden Knights loss we were determined to find something to brighten our mood, because we didn’t want to hit our pillow still ranting that goaltender interference is the real fake news and a threat to our democracy.

In search of salvation, we made our way to Caesars Palace for Zedd at Omnia Nightclub. We’d been anticipating the show for weeks because we knew that on this night, singer Maren Morris would join the resident headliner onstage for their single, “The Middle.” You know the track—it dropped in January and, like us, you’ve probably had it in your head since.

“Relentlessly infectious” is how Morris described the song in a preshow interview.

“I’ve been playing [“The Middle”] here every week since it came out, and every week you could see it become bigger and bigger,” Zedd added.

Photos by Joe Janet

We’re not starving for live music in Las Vegas, but this is a treat you rarely get during a DJ set, so we give Hakkasan Group credit for mixing it up a bit. It’s also a nice get for Omnia, which can boast about hosting the duo for the first live performance of the song.

It was also Morris’ first time at Omnia, and she might want to become a regular after seeing the crowd go nuts when she strutted onto the stage with a mic in her hand.

Photo by Michael Kirschbaum

This was around 2:30 a.m., and by that time we were on our fourth or fifth Stoli Blueberi and 7-Up, so we apologize very much to the woman standing next to us who had to endure our tone-deaf rendition of the chorus. You know how it is, you sing your loudest because in the back of your mind you’re secretly hoping the artist will hear you up on the stage and like your voice and want to be your best friend.

As predicted, “The Middle” sounds better in person. We just wish it was longer—the thing clocks in at just three minutes.

Still, it was enough to turn our frowns upside down, and—we can confirm—give us sweet dreams.

Well played, Omnia.