Photo by Erik Kabik

Absinthe Celebrates Year Seven With ‘Gala of Gluttony’

The Gazillionaire: “All the chairs are edible and all the food is sit-able”

Yes, we’ve got a seven-year itch for Absinthe at Caesars Palace, and we’re scratching the hell out of it.

Why? Because it feels so, so good.

While any other Las Vegas show might be well past its expiration date in its seventh year, Spiegelworld’s comedy-slash-circus-slash-vaudeville act-slash-car wreck you can’t look away from what keeps piling more laughs on your plate, like the sloppy joe–happy lunch lady in Billy Madison.

Just watch an audience exiting the Absinthe tent on any given night and you’ll see that combination of awkward, confused and occasionally forced smiles—they know they love it, they just don’t know why.

As the show celebrates its “Lucky No. 7” on May 7, Las Vegas Boulevard will be renamed “Gazillionaire Boulevard” in honor of Absinthe’s famous gold-toothed host, who will also be presented with the Key to the Strip.

The ceremony will come just before “The Gazillionaire’s Gala of Gluttony,” a dinner-and-a-show celebration featuring exclusive one-night-only performances by the casts of Absinthe and Spiegelworld’s latest disruptor, Opium. The menu is curated from Restaurant Guy Savoy, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Searsucker, Rao’s, Beijing Noodle No. 9 and other Caesars Palace restaurants.

“There is an 88 percent chance that this turns into a pants-optional masquerade key party,” the Gazillionaire says, adding that, “all the chairs are edible and all the food is sit-able.

“The bacon served is not from pigs. Hint: Rhymes with blunicorn.”

A limited number of tickets—priced at $300—are being made available to the public, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Three Square Food Bank.

To mark the anniversary, the Gazillionaire agreed to submit himself to seven random questions from Vegas Seven:

If only two people could pop out of a cake at Absinthe’s seventh anniversary, who are those people?

A platonic version of Donny and Marie.

Since you can buy the presidency, what would you do with it?

Return it immediately. I’d like to enjoy my life.

Who wins in an arm wrestling match between you and [Opium promoter] Harry M. Howie?

Depends on who I paid to arm wrestle on my behalf.

What’s the better show to see after you’ve absolutely not violated the ban on smoking a joint in public: Absinthe or Opium?

You’d be surprised how many people fall asleep during Wanda’s act at the 8 p.m. show of Absinthe and wake up again at the 10 p.m. show of Opium, confused and hungry.

Day drinking: overrated or underrated?

I never take time to rate day drinking because it slows down my day drinking.

You’ve taken in a wounded bluebird and nursed it back to health. What did you name the bird?

“& Roy.”

The Gazillionaire’s Gala of Gluttony, May 7, 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling 702-749-5881 ext. 103, or by emailing