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Rising Hip-Hop Stars Seize the Mic for Jewel Nightclub’s Second Anniversary

DJs still rule Las Vegas nightlife, but live artists are slowly taking over.

From his spot on the crowded balcony that wraps around the Jewel Nightclub dance floor, Gino DiPietro can show you where to get the best views.

“For these types of nights, the best seats in the house are the VIP tables on either side of the DJ booth,” the club’s director of VIP marketing says. “As for selfies, the most photogenic and recognizable spot is the LED staircase at the entrance of the club.”

As a trusted nightlife authority—he started in Vegas as a promoter for Jet, the GOAT club at The Mirage—DiPietro can also see where thing are going.

“Live performances could be taking over Las Vegas [clubs],” he says. “They provide a completely different experience to a DJ set.”

Since he was tapped to open Jewel in 2016, DiPietro has had the balcony-wide view of nightlife’s evolution, as the club has reshaped Las Vegas’ traditional industry nights with its “Flawless Mondays” party and experimented with live hip-hop in a predominantly EDM era. There’s still a lot of love for dance music at Jewel, but there’s always room to try something new and different.

“Since we book a wide range of talent that stems anywhere from open-format DJs and performers to bigger-name electronic dance artists, we have a little something for everyone each night,” DiPietro explains. “We have earned a reputation in the city based on the unbeatable party and luxurious experience we provide, and our guests know exactly what to expect when they walk through the doors, which keeps them coming back.”

They’ll be back again Memorial Day Weekend, when Jewel celebrates its second anniversary with a lineup that includes Die Lit rapper Playboy Carti and resident headliner Lil Uzi Vert, who signed with Hakkasan Group earlier this year.  The pair will perform Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26, respectively, while megastar Steve Aoki will return to the DJ booth for a Memorial Day “Flawless Mondays” bash.

After a weekend of catering to a few hundred thousand visitors, the industry’s finest could use a night off.

“[Flawless Mondays] is a very comfortable environment where you’ll recognize most of the people in the venue,” DiPietro says. “It’s really turned into the ultimate industry night where people can expect to have a great time and see their friends from different venues.”

As for special guests or celebrities expected to ring in the anniversary on the dance club floor, that’s a secret that’s not revealed until the doors swing open. But given Jewel’s history of attracting A-listers— don’t forget, Drake and Jamie Foxx took turns on the mic at the grand opening—you should keep your phone fully charged and at the ready.

“It doesn’t matter if we have an A-list DJ, a Grammy Award-winning performer or a DJ with more of a local fan base, partygoers can expect to experience unbeatable energy,” DiPietro says.

Jewel Nightclub celebrates its second anniversary on Saturday, May 26. Tickets to all Memorial Day Weekend shows can be purchased via the Hakkasan Group website.