Drai’s Debuts ‘House Room’ in After Hours Club

Drai’s After Hours has transformed its main room into the House Room, setting the table for a lineup of household names and up-and-coming DJ talent to take over one of the Strip’s most iconic venues.

“The House Room has always been the heartbeat of [Drai’s] and that energy is back,” explains Bobby Minkoff, director of marketing and development for Drai’s After Hours.

Rebranding the main room—a.k.a the “origins of Drai’s,” according to Minkoff—gives After Hours a fourth distinct experience, alongside the library lounge, hip hop room and the bar room.

The likes of Destructo and Mark Kitchen are among those tapped to play the DJ booth in the middle of the House Room, which will also host Sunday night industry parties.

The House Room caters to all guests, Minkoff explains, but is most likely to attract one of two people.

“You’re going to meet the house music enthusiasts that are looking forward to becoming immersed in the sounds of the room,” he says. “The second type you’re going to run into is the most elite of the ‘Weekend Warrior’—burning the candle at both ends, trying to be there when we turn the lights on.”

For the uninitiated, After Hours has long been the place to go when you’re not going home.

In other words, it’s all right that the party doesn’t start until 4 a.m., with closing time … whenever.

“Headliners don’t go on until 4:30 a.m., I’d say [4 a.m.] is the perfect time to be there,” Minkoff says.

That’s perfect when you’re trying to catch your second (or third) wind. For as the great Louis Jordan sang, “What’s the point of getting sober, when you’re gonna get drunk again?”

A sample playlist from the House Room