‘Armies of the Night’ coming to OMNIA Nightclub

The Babes in Blue. The Hakkasan Honeys. The Jewels of Jewel. The XS Angels. The Drai’s Dolls.

 These are the Armies of the Night. They are 100,000 strong. They could run Las Vegas. On September 11, they’re all out to get the Hearts of OMNIA.

Can you dig it?

If you’re a fan of the 1979 cult favorite, The Warriors, you know exactly what’s about to go down at OMNIA Nightclub’s “Armies of the Night” party.
Las Vegas’ hospitality industry – from the hostesses to the retailers to the concierge crews – are all invited to a midnight summit inside OMNIA Nightclub, where resident headliner and “Happy Now” artist Zedd will lead them into battle against… well, let’s say against those who would deny their right to party.

For the uninitiated, The Warriors is a story of a New York City gang on the run after they’re framed for the murder of a rival gang leader. The movie is famous for its colorfully costumed gangs, including the baseball bat-swinging Furies, the fedora-wearing Boppers, and the mime-inspired Hi-Hats.

The Warriors was ahead of its time,” explains Executive Director of Marketing Richard Alexander. “This story of a gang trying to get to the finish line, it just gave us the springboard to doing an event that’s bigger for [Tuesday],”
“Armies of the Night” will also serve as a springboard into Las Vegas’ Mexican Independence Weekend festivities, with Hakkasan Group tapping its deep roster of talent — Kaskade, Calvin Harris, Tiësto, and the aforementioned Zedd – for performances at its Strip nightclubs.
“We  don’t always get a huge artist like Zedd on a Tuesday and get the chance to show off the room to our locals,” Alexander says. “He’s been involved in the process, coming up with ideas, he’s the perfect partner for this.”

Alexander and his team went all in on the Warriors concept, producing a promo video — in the style of the film’s original, Grindhouse-ish trailer – that introduces various “gangs” of nightclub hostesses as they march toward OMNIA.
Veteran club promoters and Hakkasan Group VIP Marketing Hosts Brandon Cox and Irving Gonzalez even get special guest appearances reenacting the famous “Warriors, come out to play” scene, with Gonzalez clinking Absolut Elyx bottles on his fingers.

When the party goes down, OMNIA is planning a three-minute “Cirque-esque” theatrical experience at the stroke of midnight that involves the club’s entire team, from the servers to the aerial crew.
“All the gangs will have their logos printed on huge cutouts, staff waitresses will be wearing denim jackets with their sleeves cut off,” Alexander says. “I don’t want to give it all away. It will blow your mind.”

And, because everyone has their own, what’s Alexander’s favorite gang from the film?
“I like the theatrics of the Boppers, but my heart is with the Warriors,” he says.

OMNIA Nightclub’s “Armies of the Night” party begins Tuesday, September 11 at 10:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased via the Hakkasan Group website.