Hakkasan Dials Up Classic Hits for ‘Rock With Me’ Bash

Somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip, a quintet of fresh-faced headbangers is reenacting an early scene from 1992’s Wayne’s World, in which Wayne, Garth, and company party hard to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The song continues as they pass the city’s casino resorts, the momentum building toward the song’s iconic opera-rock transition. As the guitar kicks in, the gang dials their homage up to 11, gleefully rocking out as they arrive at their destination: MGM Grand’s Hakkasan Nightclub.

For just one night – Sunday, November 11 – these kids are going to a rock show.

“Sometimes you have to create change in order to stay fresh. For us, it’s time to do a little something different,” explains Mustafa Abdi, Hakkasan Group’s Director of Marketing and one of the minds behind the club’s “Rock With Me” dance party.


The bash will see Hakkasan transformed into a rock club with a live, four-piece band of local musicians. Taking their cues from headliner and turntable maestro Jeff Retro, the group will fuse some of rock’s most recognized songs with the deejay’s dance tracks throughout the evening.


And for one night only, Hakkasan will alter its dress code and encourage guests to go all in with their best 80s rock cosplay. Jean jackets. Bandanas. Aqua Net hairspray. Everything is on the table.

You can even come dressed as Wayne and Garth, extending the homage that’s been at the heart of Hakkasan Group’s promotional campaign.


“The [Wayne’s World] trailers tell the story of the show,” Abdi says of the three-part video series. “We want it to feel like Wayne and Garth showing up to see Alice Cooper, it’s going to feel like you’re going to a concert.”

Adds Director of Creative Production Andrea Frey: “We will leave people thinking, ‘What the hell did I just see?’”


The “Rock With Me” concept is one that Hakkasan Group had been toying with for a while, as the city’s nightlife kingpins brainstorm new party concepts to please EDM-weary visitors and locals who have already seen everything Las Vegas nightlife has to offer.

Adding a live music element takes the concept far beyond a “theme night” and Frey is going all out, with a Sunset Strip-like design that will include staging for the band and the requisite concert speakers scattered around the club and Jeff Retro’s DJ booth as the centerpiece.


“We see him as the orchestrator of the night. We want to incorporate multiple formats, so what you can expect is EDM sound mixed in with 80s rock,” Frey says.

Hakkasan Nightclub’s “Rock With Me” party starts November 11 at 10:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased via the Hakkasan website.