Vegas Seven

About Us

Vegas Seven combines national and local news in an effort to stimulate a deeper, more active community dialogue. By covering everything from business and politics to music and style, Vegas Seven seeks to become the city’s most trusted source for news and lifestyle trends.

All of this coverage comes packaged in an innovative design that is convenient and user-friendly. Color- coded sections set the newspaper apart from other publications while enhancing readers’ ability to find the information they need.

By being both visually and intellectually stimulating, Vegas Seven has quickly establish itself as a top news source for the world’s most interesting city. Like any strong urban newspaper, Vegas Seven’s ultimate goal is to be part of the city’s cultural fabric and the cornerstone of its evolution.

Company History

Ryan Doherty and Justin Weniger began working together while both were fixtures in the burgeoning nightclub industry in 2000. A few years later, recognizing that Las Vegas was on the brink of becoming one of the top nightlife destinations in the world, Doherty and Weniger left their positions in management and promotions to take ownership in the industry’s growth. They now own a myriad of businesses under their joint venture, WENDOH Media Companies, through which they have expanded their portfolio of clients well beyond just nightlife.

The duo launched their first venture in 2003 with the creation of Las Vegas Printing Press, a full-service printing company that specializes in printing for several industries including nightclubs, restaurants, real estate and development, special events and much more.

In late 2004, Doherty and Weniger launched Vegas Passport, LLC, a niche marketing company that specializes in the promotion and marketing of nightclub venues and nightlife-based products. The company offers VIP access to Las Vegas’ top nightlife destinations. Essentially it is an online VIP host that sells thousands of “passports” to visitors from around the world every month. The company is a valued service for its clients, as it grants nightlife venues exposure and branding in some of the world’s largest travel websites, as well as Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, all at the cost of a cover charge. Vegas Passport, LLC is led by an experienced marketing and management team with diverse backgrounds in the nightclub, publishing, entertainment and gaming industries. The company’s strategic partners include Expedia, Orbitz, Virgin Airways and Allegiant Air.

Doherty and Weniger launched in October of 2006, and it quickly became one of the fastest growing websites in the world of online social communities boasting tens of millions of hits per month. An online community that features upcoming events as well as posts hundreds of new photographs from Las Vegas’ top nightclubs and lounges on a daily basis, Spy On Vegas has become the go-to photo site before and after a night of partying for Las Vegas locals and tourists alike. Along with the web property, Spy On Vegas also operates a dynamic events division responsible for a traveling happy hour, multiple concert series, and food and wine tasting events.

In July of 2005, Doherty and Weniger saw the opportunity to partner with up-and- coming 944 Magazine and launch the publication in the company’s then third market, Las Vegas. WENDOH Media, along with Marc Lotenberg, founder and CEO of 944 Media, have cultivated 944 Magazine’s Las Vegas edition into a must-read lifestyle magazine and propelled the publication to expand in several additional cities across the country. 944 Las Vegas now boasts an impressive advertising roster and a circulation of more than 50,000. 944 Magazine has a current distribution of 280,000 issues in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orange County, San Francisco, Miami, Detroit and Atlanta.

In consideration of rising energy costs and the subsequent impact on the burgeoning costs of goods and services, as well as the escalating importance of preserving the Earth’s resources and atmosphere, WENDOH Media shut down Las Vegas Printing Press and launched a new eco-conscious printing facility in 2008: Environmental Ink. With the advancement in technology come expanded capabilities that enable Environmental Ink to print faster than its competition, while adding state-of-the-art printing capabilities including variable data, fifth and sixth color processing and spot coating capabilities – all at the touch of a button.

In December 2007, WENDOH Media launched, an industry blogsite highlighting all things Vegas. brings its visitors the news of the massive Las Vegas nightlife and entertainment industry with biting wit and verve that readers won’t find in any other outlet.

On February 4, 2010, WENDOH Media will launch Vegas Seven, an innovative and unique weekly newspaper covering a vast array of topics from dining and entertainment to politics and profiles. Vegas Seven will merge lifestyle with hard news into one publication that is unlike any other print medium.

WENDOH Media’s latest project is a joint-venture with 944 Media in publishing an exclusive in-theatre performance guide for entertainment giant Cirque du Soleil. The in-theatre performance guide will be a sophisticated, digest-size, glossy publication that is presented to guests upon entry of each of the seven Las Vegas-based Cirque du Soleil shows.

Company Philosophy

The company, its affiliates and its employees achieve maximum success by upholding the highest ethical standards, both internal and external. These values help attract and retain both the highest caliber employees and the strongest business partnerships.

Business decisions are made based on facts and objectivity while determining the best course of action to achieve desired outcomes. This approach enables the company to develop mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with customers, competitors and suppliers.

WENDOH Media employees are efficient and effective; able to do the right thing with decisiveness and confidence. Employees are evaluated solely on their professional abilities and success in which they complete their assigned duties. The company has the highest regard for its employees, its business partners, the community and the environment, and refuses to sacrifice relationships for quick, short-term profits.