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Electric Daisy Carnival 2016: Here’s the Lineup

By Geoff Carter

It's the 20th year of EDC, and festival organizers Insomniac are turning up the volume accordingly.


The Cure in Wonderland

By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

Those lucky enough to score tickets got nearly three hours of Cure classics, as well as a few less-expected cuts.


Shane Black Reinvigorates the Buddy Comedy With The Nice Guys

By Geoff Carter

"The Nice Guys" feels as fresh as it does familiar—partly because it’s the first film to hit theaters in a long time that hasn’t been concerned with superheroes or talking animals, and partly because it’s just so fucking good.


Seven Things We Like About Seven Magic Mountains

By Geoff Carter

The eye-popping art installation, five years in the making, is now open for public viewing, and you should go see it.


Oddisee’s Social Currency Keeps Rising

By Zoneil Maharaj

The Brooklyn-based rapper and producer makes bold, expressive statements through his songs, be it through his intelligent lyricism or soulful, jazz-tinged compositions.


How Firewatch Made an Honest Woman Out of Me

By Amber Sampson

The gameplay relaxes me enough to make the game feel less like a game and more like an early night curled up with a cup of tea.


SPF 2016 Delivers a Roster of A-List Music Talent

By Amber Sampson

An epic lineup hit the Boulevard Pool on May 15 for over five hours of radio-hit fun.