Geoff Carter

Geoff Carter

Senior Writer


Geoff Carter has been writing about Las Vegas since 1994, when he joined the staff of Scope, the alternative magazine that would later become the Las Vegas Weekly. He wrote for virtually every publication with “Vegas” in its name—including Vegas.com, the Las Vegas Sun and the self-published Geoff Carter Lives in Las Vegas and is Awesome —until 2002, when he took a ten-year “weekend” trip to Seattle. He returned to Vegas in May 2012 to become one of Vegas Seven’s senior writers and to be the editor of DTLV, the authoritative, yet mellifluous voice of downtown Las Vegas. His work has also appeared on MSN.com, in Time Out’s 1000 Songs to Change Your Life and in the Seattle Times. And he won an award once, but he gave it to his dad.

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Blast From the Past

Before now, if you wanted to know anything about the stop-start Las Vegas arts and culture scene of the early- to mid-1990s, you’d have to search out one of the wizened, mystical figures of that era—they live way out on the lawless frontier, where Jawas and Sand People roam freely—and ask them what Ye Olde Times were like. Read More