Jason Scavone

Jason Scavone

Editor, Daily Fiasco


Scavone is a 1998 graduate of Lex Luthor University, where he majored in Mad Science with a minor in evil Business Administration. He has since been a nonstop disappointment to his mother by failing to put that education to work, and instead taken up residence as editor of DailyFiasco.com. Although he still maintains a hobbyist’s interest in devising a chemical formula that when slipped into their respective water supplies will bring both Metropolis and Gotham City to their knees, he spends most of his time curating Fiasco, which he describes as “Las Vegas’ drinkingest, fightingest and handsomest nightlife, entertainment and gossip blog."


Illustration by Jon Estrada

Thunder, SawChuck Get Fightin’ Mad

Normally, blood-curdling animosity on the Strip is reserved for the UFC, but on March 18, Thunder From Down Under turned into The Pugilism from Perth (The Aggression in Adelaide! The Smackdown in Sydney! The Can of Whoopass Opened in Canberra!—we can do this all day—The Donnybrook in Darwin: Look it up, it’s on the North Coast of the Continent). Read More