Jason Scavone

Jason Scavone

Editor, Daily Fiasco


Scavone is a 1998 graduate of Lex Luthor University, where he majored in Mad Science with a minor in evil Business Administration. He has since been a nonstop disappointment to his mother by failing to put that education to work, and instead taken up residence as editor of DailyFiasco.com. Although he still maintains a hobbyist’s interest in devising a chemical formula that when slipped into their respective water supplies will bring both Metropolis and Gotham City to their knees, he spends most of his time curating Fiasco, which he describes as “Las Vegas’ drinkingest, fightingest and handsomest nightlife, entertainment and gossip blog."



Ice Capades

How often does Las Vegas get to be the center of the sports world? When there’s a big fight, sure. And on May 2, we’ll get the crown for a news cycle with the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao dance-off (which comes just hours after the Kentucky Derby). Read More

The Week


Betting on Integrity

We didn’t come here to talk about Tom Brady’s deflated balls. We’re not going to waste precious column inches discussing how hard Tommy has to work to get a grip on them, or how unhappy he gets when his balls aren’t treated properly over the course of the game. Read More



Recapping a Week in Which Love Affairs Fizzle

Sure, there were Christmas decorations in the stores two weeks before Halloween. And sure, there were Valentine’s decorations in the stores the day after Christmas. So it’s easy to see how people can get confused by the seasons. But karma has a way of settling those accounts, because it’s not so much love that’s in the air as it’s been a Shakespearian week of unrequited, unfulfilled romance. Read More