Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob


The local freelance writer has penned Vegas Seven's “Going for Broke” column since the publication debuted. Jacob has been a professional handicapper for five years, and prior to that he worked as an editor at Las Vegas Life and a sportswriter and sports copy editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Super Bowl Preview

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Seven Winning Prop Wagers

Shortly after 11 a.m. on February 1, a basketball will be tossed in the air at Madison Square Garden, tipping off a matchup between two of the NBA’s most storied and—this year—most putrid franchises: Combined, the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks entered this week with a 20-70 record and without their cornerstone superstars, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, who are sidelined with injuries. Read More

Going for Broke

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Florida State vs Georgia Tech

Watered-Down Bowl Season Can Be Intoxicating for Bettors

Is college football’s bowl season more diluted than my late grandmother’s 5 p.m. rinsed-out-yogurt-cup of Chablis on the rocks? You tell me: This year, 12 teams with a 6-6 regular season record qualified for a bowl. Even more laughable, a 13th team (Fresno State) was invited to play in a Christmas Eve bowl game—in Hawaii—despite a 6-7 record! Talk about being rewarded for a job, well, done. Read More

Going for Broke

NCAA Football: Utah at UCLA

College Football’s Bowl Season Provides Plenty of Opportunities to Cash In

Three things you don’t want to do in the final days of 2014: let Amanda Bynes make your New Year’s Eve plans (you probably won’t make it to 2015 if you do); give your wife a gift card to Lane Bryant for Christmas (you definitely won’t make it to 2015 if you do); and dive into college football’s bowl-betting season without developing (and sticking with!) a solid game plan. Read More