Matt Jacob

Matt Jacob


The local freelance writer has penned Vegas Seven's “Going for Broke” column since the publication debuted. Jacob has been a professional handicapper for five years, and prior to that he worked as an editor at Las Vegas Life and a sportswriter and sports copy editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Super Bowl Preview

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Seven Winning Prop Wagers

Shortly after 11 a.m. on February 1, a basketball will be tossed in the air at Madison Square Garden, tipping off a matchup between two of the NBA’s most storied and—this year—most putrid franchises: Combined, the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks entered this week with a 20-70 record and without their cornerstone superstars, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, who are sidelined with injuries. Read More

Going for Broke

NCAA Football: ACC Football Championship-Florida State vs Georgia Tech

Watered-Down Bowl Season Can Be Intoxicating for Bettors

Is college football’s bowl season more diluted than my late grandmother’s 5 p.m. rinsed-out-yogurt-cup of Chablis on the rocks? You tell me: This year, 12 teams with a 6-6 regular season record qualified for a bowl. Even more laughable, a 13th team (Fresno State) was invited to play in a Christmas Eve bowl game—in Hawaii—despite a 6-7 record! Talk about being rewarded for a job, well, done. Read More

Going for Broke

NCAA Football: Utah at UCLA

College Football’s Bowl Season Provides Plenty of Opportunities to Cash In

Three things you don’t want to do in the final days of 2014: let Amanda Bynes make your New Year’s Eve plans (you probably won’t make it to 2015 if you do); give your wife a gift card to Lane Bryant for Christmas (you definitely won’t make it to 2015 if you do); and dive into college football’s bowl-betting season without developing (and sticking with!) a solid game plan. Read More

Latest Thought

Coach Bobby Hauck | Courtesy of UNLV Photo Services

Bobby Hauck’s Departure Proves That UNLV Football Is a Lost Cause

It’s a scorching summer morning in 2010, and I’m sitting in a coffeehouse on Maryland Parkway, waiting for Bobby Hauck to walk through the door. I’m scheduled to interview UNLV’s new head football coach for a cover story for this magazine, and despite all that I learned two decades earlier in journalism school—about how reporters should never have preconceived opinions about a story or a subject—I’m bracing for the worst. Read More

Going for Broke

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State

Oddsmakers Post a Perplexing Point Spread for One of This Week’s Marquee Games. Is it a Trap?

Newsflash for you kids out there: Once you hurdle—make that gingerly step over—the 40-year-old barrier, you start piling up losses at a rate double that of the Oakland Raiders. Among other things, you lose your patience, your memory, your energy, your hair, your metabolism, your memory and your ability to sleep through the night without waking up to use the bathroom. Read More