Mike Grimala

Staff Writer


Mike Grimala, the lead writer for RunRebs.com, joined the WENDOH Media team in 2012 after five years covering high school basketball at ESPN. An avid hoopster from childhood, Mike grew up in Massachusetts and became a diehard Boston Celtics fan despite his formative years coinciding with the Rick Pitino era. He received his journalism degree from Northeastern University and covered high school sports for The Boston Globe before moving on to ESPN. Mike is a longtime Celtics season ticket holder, but is fully immersing himself in the UNLV basketball culture as he chronicles the team 24/7 for RunRebs.com.



Rebels Counting on Newcomers

UNLV coaches track everything during basketball practices, charting assists, defensive rotations and even how many times a player dives for loose balls. That’s how Dave Rice knows the Rebels’ best rebounder last year wasn’t star forward Christian Wood or starting center Goodluck Okonoboh, but junior Ben Carter, a 6-foot-8 forward who had to sit out a redshirt year after transferring from Oregon. Read More