Mike Grimala

Staff Writer


Mike Grimala, the lead writer for RunRebs.com, joined the WENDOH Media team in 2012 after five years covering high school basketball at ESPN. An avid hoopster from childhood, Mike grew up in Massachusetts and became a diehard Boston Celtics fan despite his formative years coinciding with the Rick Pitino era. He received his journalism degree from Northeastern University and covered high school sports for The Boston Globe before moving on to ESPN. Mike is a longtime Celtics season ticket holder, but is fully immersing himself in the UNLV basketball culture as he chronicles the team 24/7 for RunRebs.com.

Post-Season Basketball


Big Man in Town

In a town that has plenty of hoops pedigree, from Team USA tryouts to the NBA Summer League to the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels—the team that represents the very soul of the city—the most important figure is a Bishop Gorman High School junior still in the “Bambi walking on ice” stage of his basketball development. Read More


How Bluefields Will Save Your Rec League

One day, when he was 17 years old, United Kingdom-born Andrew Crump tried to organize a friendly pickup soccer game at the park with a group of friends. What followed was a logistical disaster; there was confusion over the time and location, over which friends could play, and over who was bringing what equipment. The result was an empty pitch. But while Crump’s footy dreams may have been dashed for the day, the burgeoning entrepreneur in him had an Read More