Paul Szydelko

Senior Editor


A Southern Nevada resident since he graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism in 1986, Szydelko has been the lead copy editor at Vegas Seven since its inception. The former sports reporter, news reporter and managing editor of the Henderson Home News worked on the copy desk of the Las Vegas Sun when it was an afternoon daily and sampled the Strip’s many tourist attractions as associate editor and senior editor of Las Vegas Magazine. The San Diego native lives in Henderson with his wife and two daughters.



The Waning Delight of Fantasy Football

Since the mid-1990s, fantasy football has engaged, entranced, befuddled, annoyed, and finally—exasperated me. In those first years it was a lark among co-workers who had to explain the concept to me—draft your own team of players before the season, choose a starting lineup each week and keep score using your players’ individual stats. Read More



Las Vegas 51s Continue to Churn Out Victories

Anyone who has seen the classic film Bull Durham understands the chaotic instability that’s inherent in a Triple-A baseball team. You’ve got a roster filled with prospects trying to climb that final rung of the ladder, grizzled veterans looking for one more shot at the big leagues and minor league lifers hoping to finally get that elusive call. Read More