’80s Rewind

Ready to head back to the future? Turn back the (VCR) clock with these bests from a bygone era.

Best Camera Repair Shop

b_and_c_camera_westside_WEBB&C Camera
We lament the passing of Casey’s Camera after decades of fine service, but B&C is a worthy heir. Since 1971, its experienced staff has offered repairs, a great selection and advice. Two-part beginners classes ($35 each) are scheduled monthly. It’s a terrific choice for those who don’t depend on their cellphone to get the best shot or to keep track of time. 4511 W. Sahara Ave, 702-871-1100; 1550 E. Tropicana Ave., 702-736-0890, BandCCamera.com.

Best Watch Repair

M&I International
Step into this 3,200-square-foot shop and you can smell the ’80s. There are few grandfather clocks, watches or pieces of jewelry they haven’t been able to fix since 1984. A huge selection of batteries not only acknowledges but embraces the current decade. It even sells fine pens, to you know, write with … on … paper. 3819 Spring Mountain Rd., 702-363-0100, MI-Jewelry.com.

Best Stationery Shop

alligatr_soup_WEBAlligator Soup
Since 1982, Alligator Soup has sold boxed invitations and custom stationery for those who eschew online invitations. Attention to detail is at a premium here, and handcrafted notes certainly make an impression over just another Evite or email. 9350 W. Sahara Ave.,
702-804-0544, AlligatorSoup.com.

Best Place to Get Videos

Your Public Library
Finally, if you’re clinging to notions such as cameras, watches and stationery, you likely still have a VCR. Don’t forget public libraries have rich collections of movies on VHS. If you’re still looking for material for your Betamax, though, we’re stumped; fax us if you know a place. Multiple locations, LVCCLD.org,
MyPublicLibrary.com, NLVLD.org.

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