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Ellis Island steak dinner

Ellis Island steak dinner

In a city built on deals, it’s not easy to pick a definitive “best-of-the-deals” list. But with so many to choose among, it’s also tough to go too far astray, especially when you lean on the classics. Here’s a cross-section of deals that can’t miss, and you can pack ’em all into a single day:

Start at Irene’s on Spring Mountain Road for breakfast. Remember the old-style ham & eggs where the ham covered the plate? That’s what’s in store here for $8.95. If you happen to go on a Sunday, spicy Bloody Marys are just $2. Then head Downtown to Binion’s to get your photo snapped with a million bucks. It’s free and it’s digital, so it’s fast, too.

If you wrapped half of your breakfast ham to go, you might have room for a shrimp cocktail, either at the Golden Gate ($2.95), or at the Fremont for the last of the 99-centers. Both are winners. Head back to center-Strip for The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s. The rack rate is $43 for this “nooner,” but not if you nab the $9.95 promotional tickets that include a drink (try the Total Rewards window or the concierge).

After the show, walk next door to Casino Royale for an ice-cold Michelob in the bottle for a buck (go ahead and have two). Finally, it’s a quick jaunt to Ellis Island for the filet-cut sirloin steak dinner served with a beer brewed in-house. Play $1 in any slot (or video poker) machine to get a voucher to get the steak dinner for $7.99. You’ll usually lose the dollar, but the mathematical cost of the single play is a mere 6 cents.

Minus tips, your tab for breakfast, snack, dinner, drinks, show, souvenir photo and even a touch of gambling is about $30.

Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor and

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