Best Idea to Steal Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

The circular monorail system,
as described by Tom Skancke, CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

circular_monorail_no_credit_WEB“We need to reduce the number of trips per day that have to go to Las Vegas Boulevard, which is 100,000 people every eight hours—that’s a lot of demand on our roads. What if there was a circular workforce transit system? You can actually expand the [current] monorail to achieve this. Go from Mandalay Bay to the [former] Sahara, and then back to Mandalay Bay. It becomes a circular system. Then the RTC [Regional Transportation Commission] can build a light-rail transit system that comes from communities throughout the Valley, and that’s how you move that particular workforce.

“Look at the light-rail system in Utah—state of the art. Go to Phoenix and look at what they’ve done with Valley Metro. The Phoenix airport has a transit system that goes up and over an active taxiway—you can put a 747 under their light-rail system. They ain’t doing that in Paris. That’s American ingenuity, right here in our region.”

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