Where the Streets Have Weird Names

greedo_street_admiral_ackbar_way_sign_HOMEPAGEIn case you didn’t notice, the Las Vegas Valley is home to some peculiarly named streets. Anime Drive? Lightgleam Court? Illusionary Magic Circle? (Does Criss Angel live there?) So selecting “the best” street name in Vegasland might be a challenge. But picking some of our favorites? That’s as easy as pie—or cannoli, if you prefer … Cannoli Circle, that is.

A caffeine addict must have named the streets in the Henderson subdivision of Southern Hills, where Coffee Bean Place leads you to House Blend, Rich Flavor, Doubleshot, French Roast and Smooth Blend (Starbuck Drive is on the other side of town).

The oft-cited Beautiful Fruit Street might be the, um, fruitiest road in the Valley, but it’s not alone, surrounded by other fanciful botanical designations such as Fancy Fern, Midseason Mist and Petal Dew. We’re pretty sure this is the next lineup of Glade Plug-Ins scents.

Outside of artificial “lakeside” areas such as The Lakes or Desert Shores, the pervasive practice of giving neighborhoods and roads nautical names in the middle of the Mojave Desert just seems cruel. There are boundless offenders, but Creek River Drive in the northwest might be the weirdest. More appropriate (in a cowboy-themed neighborhood that also sports Dusty Wagon and Texas Ranger)? Blazing Saddle Avenue, which also describes what our car seats feel like this time of the year.

However, we can’t discuss the best street names in Vegas without asking which sci-fi property gets the best representation. Is it the Force-worthy alliance of Vader, Skywalker, Tarkin, Kinobe [sic] & Leia off Russell Road and Lamb Boulevard? Or the Middle-Earth fellowship of Shadowfax, Strider, Ringlore and Longshanks? (Sorry, Trekkies—Enterprise Road and Vulcan Street are unrelated.) – Pj Perez

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