Best Sportsbook Eats

Del Mar Deli in South Point


When betting on sports, it is quite common to spend many hours in the sportsbook. And since a guy or girl has to eat eventually, it’s also quite common to find a deli adjacent to most sportsbooks, where quick comfort foods can be ordered and taken away. The Joël Robuchon of sportsbook eateries is the Del Mar Deli in South Point. The sandwiches can only be described as jumbo, like the pastrami, which is moist with perfect fatty bits at the edges and rye bread that is as soft as a down pillow. Don’t forget the black-and-white cookie, which is the size of a baby’s head. Owned by the same team as Bagel Café, this is one of Las Vegas’ best-kept secrets. 702-796-7111,

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