Best Place to Party Like the Biebs

Nobu Villa Suite at Caesars Palace


If you want to have 40 of your dearest friends hang in your Vegas hotel room (and if you have $35,000 to burn), you could do worse than this rooftop slice of the Strip. The Nobu Villa Suite made headlines last summer when a helicopter delivered its hot tub, but the suite found its way onto the pop culture radar earlier this year when Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday there. It has indeed become the go-to, money-is-no-object hangout for splurging celebs and corporate event planners alike. Jay Sarno, the man who turned his wacky dream of a Roman-themed palace into reality, would undoubtedly be proud of this over-the-top, 10,300-square-foot, indoor-outdoor addition to his masterpiece.


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