Best Way to Experience a Movie Like Your Parents Did

West Wind Drive-In


These days, movie theaters knock themselves out trying not to seem like movie theaters: reclining seats, restaurant food, waiter service, state-of-the-art digital audio. But sometimes we yearn for the simpler days, and when we do, we trek to the West Wind Drive-In off Rancho Drive in North Las Vegas. Here, we can experience a movie the old-fashioned way—as in 1966 old-fashioned, which is when the West Wind opened as a single-screen theater. Today, there are six screens, all of which show double features for $7 per person (talk about going back in time!). Pilot your car through the vintage light bulb-studded arches, drive by the LBJ-era concession stand (replete with Clinton-era video games), choose your flick and enjoy the shows. 4150 W. Carey Ave., North Las Vegas, 702-646-3565,


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