Best Billboard

Bacon Worship


Ah, the paradox of billboards. Giant, brightly colored messages hanging right over our heads … that no one really looks at. Accident lawyers, water conservation, reality show stars’ DJ sets—things we’ve long been ignoring on basic cable. But sometimes a billboard really does grab your attention. To wit: the “bacon worship” sign that looms over Las Vegas Boulevard just south of Charleston. One side announces “Bacon is our god because bacon is real,” while the reverse features a drawing of Founding Father Thomas Paine and his quote, “Infidelity is saying you believe something when you don’t.” Ridiculous and thought-provoking, the ad is sponsored by the United Church of Bacon, a Las Vegas-based church that supports skepticism, atheism and humanism. The billboard was even featured on Fox News Channel, which, interestingly, seemed totally OK with the whole thing. Praise bacon, indeed.


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