Best Neighborhood For Millennials

John S. Park Historic District


You’ll still find sub-$200,000 homes in this quaint Downtown neighborhood, which is bordered by Charleston Boulevard (north), Las Vegas Boulevard (west), Franklin Avenue (south) and Ninth Street (east). But price isn’t the only thing that makes John S. Park attractive to millennials. The area offers easy access to the Downtown scene and the Strip (both favorites of the hipster generation). Plus, John S. Park—which the American Planning Association included on its 2010 “Great Places in America” list—features a dogged neighborhood association that’s hell-bent on preserving the area’s 1930s-1950s design characteristics, routinely squashing deep-pocketed developers who want to impede that charm. Remember Bob Stupak’s Titanic replica hotel-casino idea? John S. Park was having none of it.


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