Best Niche Sporting Event

The Vegas Shoot


OK, so “niche” might not be entirely accurate. After all, archery is a much older art form than, say, basketball, and historically it’s had a lot more real-world applications. You’ll find no mention of a jump shot in the Iliad and, until the NBA got around to handing out nine-figure contracts, it was difficult to feed your family with free throws. Which brings us to the Vegas Shoot, the richest event on the archery calendar, in which the winner must shoot three consecutive perfect rounds of 300, and then survive a shoot-off against all the other perfect archers, in order to win $30,000 (second prize is $7,500, so don’t miss). The event takes place each winter at South Point—which has become the home to all sports wonderful and unusual—and includes divisions for youths, amateurs, seniors and para-archers. All in all, about 2,500 archers take aim on Vegas, and for spectators (who get in free) it’s a dazzling display of skill and precision. Next Vegas Shoot: January 29-31.

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