Best of Both Worlds

Glutton and VegeNation

Picante Pineapple Pizza at VegeNation | Photo by Anthony Mair

Picante pineapple pizza at VegeNation | Photo by Anthony Mair

This year saw the arrival of Downtown restaurants VegeNation and Glutton, next-door neighbors whose menus couldn’t be more different. The two form a sort of yin/yang in Downtown’s ever-evolving dining scene—Glutton suggesting indulgence with a menu full of savory meats, and VegeNation priding itself on restraint via an entirely plant-based menu. However, they do have one thing in common: a flagship burger. The Glutton Burger features grilled sirloin, American cheese blend and bread-and-butter pickles, while the VegeNation Burger boasts a superfood patty (think beets) with lettuce and tomato. Go ahead and enjoy one for lunch and the other for dinner—don’t worry, we won’t judge. Glutton, 610 E. Carson Ave., Suite 110; VegeNation, 616 E. Carson Ave., Suite 120.


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