Best Beauty Fads

A Swedish massage and 50 units of Botox will only get you so far in today’s competitive beauty market. Here are three offerings we are lining up for.

Best Skin Treatments

just_face_it_medspa_vampire_facial_no_credit_WEBA Vampire Facial/Facelift sounds like something from a gothic porn movie, but in reality, they are some of the most restorative, results-driven aesthetics procedures you can undergo without using a knife. But it’s definitely not for those with needle phobia. The duo to consult is physician assistant Tommy Pulice and master injection artist Martine Abbey from Just Face it MedSpa (8645 W. Sahara Ave., 702-562-2882, After blood is drawn, a platelet-rich plasma is separated from red blood cells in a centrifuge. Then, in the Vampire Facelift, the PRP is injected into the skin to improve quality, texture and volume. For the facial, the remaining PRP is applied to the skin and micro-needled into the surface area. Both treatments trick the skin into thinking it’s injured, stimulating collagen production. Yes, you’ll walk out red, but in a matter of hours, you’ll feel as if you just reversed the hands of time.

Best Body Treatment

go_float_yourself_WEBWant to feel refreshed like you slept eight hours but only have one hour to spare? Float away at Go Float Yourself (4500 E. Sunset Rd., Suite 4, Henderson, 702-433-7007, in an enclosed pod featuring 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt and 200 gallons of water. One hour relieves all that ails you, including anxiety, fatigue and technology overload.

Best Hair Revival

If you were a teenage girl in the 1990s, chances are at some point you begged your mom to let you add bold stripes of color to your hair. The desired look—something resembling a zebra—was everywhere. And now it’s back and better than ever. But this time, like you, it’s much more mature. Chunking is gaining on the ombre as a top requested color application method. Stylist Jenny Savage at Atelier by Square (1225 S. Fort Apache Rd., 702-906-1770, places her chunking in the front hairline, starting foil placement at the parietal ridge and working toward the part. She then only applies color to the hair in the foil. This creates a highlight/lowlight that is tapered to the face. The end result is people not confusing your cool ’do with that of a zoo animal.

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