Best Beauty Innovation

Retress by Dr. Candace Spann

retress_products_WEBWhen she started losing her hair during her residency at the age of 25, dermatologist Dr. Candace Spann scanned the various hair-loss products on the market and quickly realized they all seemed targeted to men. So she developed Retress, an all-natural four-part hair rejuvenation system that in clinical trials proved effective for 100 percent of women (half of whom lose some hair by age 50). Instead of focusing on the cause of hair loss, she went straight to the issues that agitated it—such as scalp blood flow and inflammation—to formulate a 100 percent Minoxidil-free system. The product recently launched at select Sephora stores nationwide and at, and it’s also expanding to physicians’ offices and high-end salons. Accessible and affordable ($99), Retress addresses hair loss as more than a one-size-fits-all problem.

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