Best New Product Line

Cotê Hair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Henry “Butch” Cotê (right) and business partner Ira Pope Sage | Photo by Anthony Mair

“You can teach someone to cut hair, but you can’t teach them personality.” It was with this advice from a colleague that Henry “Butch” Cotê began his career as a stylist 12 years ago. “I love building relationships,” says Cotê, who is a stylist at Bomb Hair. “And ultimately, my philosophy is to do more with less.” Cotê’s infectious personality won him a long roster of dedicated clients, but his penchant for minimalism sparked a desire to “get behind the bottle” and enter the hair-care product industry. After more than two years of development, Cotê Hair went live in April. With only eight offerings, the product allows you to create multiple styles with fewer bottles, and it also offers a comp-limentary education program to its partner boutique salons. Cotê is currently a stylist at Bomb Hair in Las Vegas, Nevada along with business partner, Ira Pope Sage.

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