Best Local DJ We’d Love to See One More Time

DJ Aurajin

aurajin-1Regardless of the time or place—in a parking lot on Fremont Street, surrounded by marathon runners or in the backyard of Beauty Bar, presiding over the Get Back—Lemuel “Sebastian” Granada, better known as DJ Aurajin, was nearly always attired in a dress shirt, vest, cap and bow tie. No question about it: Aurajin made this city look good and sound great. He favored using vinyl over his laptop, had a soft spot for down-tempo beats (although he also could bring a set of funky jams like no one else), and bear-hugged nearly everyone who talked to him. More than that, Aurajin was a great neighbor; he lived Downtown and was friendly with everyone in it, and all of Downtown knew and loved him. When Aurajin died of a brain aneurysm at age 38 in March, we lost someone who took his fun seriously. There isn’t much we wouldn’t give to hear and see him back on the ones and twos.

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