Best Business Owner With His Eye on the Prize

Eric Healey


When it came time for optician Eric Healey to name his Container Park eyeglass shop, he had only one thought: It had to reference the fact that Healey has only one eye. (He lost the other in a childhood accident; these days he uses a glass prosthetic.) “Originally I was thinking Cyclops, or Odin,” Healey says. The winning name? Monocle Optical. While the affable Healey enjoys making jokes about his lost eye (the 32-year-old’s Twitter handle: @oopsmyeye), Monocle is no joke. It’s a terrific optical shop that offers customized frames and lenses made in-house for low prices. “I don’t take insurance, so I don’t have the same huge markup as [other] places that do,” Healey says. In short, Eric Healey used his one eye to take aim at an industry charging too much for eyeglasses and sunglasses, and he’s hit the target square-on. 707 Fremont St., Suite 3300, 702-678-4225, MonocleOptical.Vegas.

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