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Sig Rogich

sig_rogich_courtesy_WEBIt’s not like Richard Nixon woke up one day as Jerry Garcia, but … OK, it is a little. In case you’re not up on your political science, let us remind you that public relations czar Sig Rogich was a close adviser to President Ronald Reagan during the “Just Say No” years, when first lady Nancy Reagan showed up everywhere from Dynasty to Diff’rent Strokes, imploring kids not to get high. In 2006, when legalizing marijuana was a Nevada ballot issue, Rogich’s firm headed up an anti-drug campaign and declared that legal weed would make Nevada “a joke.” But sometime in the past few years, Rogich has seen the (green) light: He is now a partner in Deep Roots Medical LLC, which is—you guessed it—a medical marijuana dispensary. Sure, he’s just a small minority partner through a holding company, but still: If you want the hookup on some Sativa or some nice edibles out in Mesquite, Siggy just might be your man!

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