Best Hope For Downtown Project’s Future

Mark Rowland

mark_rowland_downtown_project_by_elizabeth_buehring_02_WEBDowntown Project Ventures is an entity devoted to running those business concerns that Downtown Project rolled out in its wildly optimistic, cash-rich infancy—among them Gold Spike, Coterie and many of the small businesses of Container Park. Now that the marketplace is having its way with these dream projects—buoying some, driving some to failure—it’s up to Mark Rowland, named CEO of DTP Ventures in February, to right the ship and even chart a course to expansion. So far, he’s on the right course: Local business owners praise Rowland for his forthrightness, honesty and near-constant availability, and some DTP endeavors once thought doomed—foremost among them the retail and dining-weighted renovation planned for the former Ferguson’s Motel property—are coming back to life. When Fremont East reaches Maryland Parkway, we’re betting it will be Mark Rowland who got it there.


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