Best Ridiculous Explanation for Harry Reid’s Decision to Retire

harry_reid_wtf_illo_by_cierra_pedro_WEBDual winners here: First, there was the phony story that Senator Harry Reid chose to call it quits because his much-publicized facial injuries were the result of his brother beating him up. (We liked this one, because the story’s creator wanted to demonstrate the gullibility of the anti-Reid media that ran with the bogus story.) Then there was Las Vegas Councilman Bob Beers announcing that he was dropping his bid for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate by saying, “My goal was to stop Harry Reid from another term, and I have accomplished that goal.” As if Reid’s fear of a potential general election showdown against Beers in 2016 prompted the senator to decide not to seek a sixth term. This is a guy who survived challenges from John Ensign and Sharron Angle—we’re guessing Reid viewed a battle with Beers about the same way Floyd Mayweather Jr. would a dare from a sixth-grader.

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