Best Social Media Accounts

Wading through your social media feeds is like being bombarded with escort fliers on the Strip. No, I won’t retweet your yard sale announcement, watch a live-stream of your daughter’s ballet recital or download your shitty mixtape, fam. This thirst for attention is too real. That’s why we’re cutting through the memes to give you some of the most funny and frank social media rock stars in Las Vegas:

Best Reminder That Love Exists

periscope_icon@KyleSaidThis and @Bryanna Mariee_ on PERISCOPE

There are those who live by social media, and those who live on it. Newlyweds Kyle Harris and Bryanna Mazzella met on Twitter three years ago, dated via Skype (Kyle lived in Arkansas at the time) and broadcasted their May 30 wedding on Periscope. Though their big day is over, the couple frequently share moments from their daily lives on the live-streaming app, be it goofing off on a cross-country flight (“You two are definitely cutting edge,” tweeted Jet Blue) or having Bryanna serenade viewers to sleep during late-night jam sessions from their home.

Best Food Porn Peddler

instagram_icon@ChefMarcMarrone on INSTAGRAM

Warning: Do not follow Tao Group chef Marc Marrone if you’re hungry. The display of food on his Instagram feed is downright, well, obscene. He shares photos of dishes he’s prepared for various Tao properties, along with his home-garden harvests and unique personal creations. For Independence Day, he piled Doritos mac and cheese on top of a burger patty—and used a doughnut for a bun. We told you it was obscene.

Best Stage Character in 140 Characters

twitter_icon@PennyPibbets on TWITTER

It’s always too soon when the lights turn on at the end of Absinthe, mostly because it means our time with Penny Pibbets’ sock-puppet antics and foul-mouthed ramblings is over. Thankfully, we can continue to get our Penny fix by hopping on Twitter, where Pibbets continues to drop politically incorrect gems such as “Every time a fancy gay guy walks past me, I make an effort to smell him, because I know it’s always going to be wonderful,” and “Oh, God! That car is going so fast there’s blue flames coming out of the … wait—never mind! It’s just a decal a douchebag put on his car.”

Best Viral Sensation-Turned-LGBT Advocate

you_tube_iconBrendan Jordan on YOUTUBE

A star was born in October when 15-year-old Brendan Jordan stole attention from Downtown Summerlin’s grand opening with his fabulous dance moves during a live news broadcast. The teen has taken that viral fame and launched a YouTube channel, using it primarily to discuss gender identity and LGBT issues in honest, hilarious and biting fashion. He’s shared his coming-out story, given tips on how to spend summer vacation and listed the “5 Annoying Things Straight Boys Say to Gay Boys.” The queer youth hero was recently photographed in Miley Cyrus’ #Instapride campaign, proving that his star is far from fading.

Best Reason for Fame Envy

snapchat_iconDiplo3000 on SNAPCHAT

OK, so Diplo technically isn’t a Las Vegas resident, but he is a resident DJ here. And you’ll likely see a lot of Vegas women (well, their asses anyway) in his Snapchat story. From views from his DJ booth (again, asses), to trips on his private jet, to hotel room after- parties (more asses), he gives fans an uncensored, unadulterated glimpse into his twerk-filled life. Occasionally, he’ll tease some new music, too. – Zoneil Maharaj

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