Best Waver of the Vegas Flag

Jimmy Kimmel

jimmy_kimmel_by_helga_esteb_shutterstock_WEBHe’s the host of a hugely successful late-night talk show. He’s got a hot wife. He vacations in Mexico with Howard Stern and Jennifer Aniston (at the same time!). Oh, yeah, Jimmy Kimmel definitely has gone Hollywood. But along that journey, the Las Vegas native hasn’t forsaken his roots. On the contrary: Kimmel reps his hometown on the regular, whether it’s through anecdotes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (“You know, when I was growing up in Vegas …”) or through social media (the former UNLV student occasionally tweets about Rebel basketball, including paying respects to Jerry Tarkanian after the coaching legend died earlier this year). He was even married by the Las Vegas-based Catholic priest of his youth. About the only thing negative we can say about Kimmel’s relationship with our hometown is he keeps turning us down for an interview. Come on, Jimmy—take our call!

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